If we could only see the scars and bleeding wounds
Made by flesh’s cruel darts upon the unprotected heart;
Of those lost souls with whom we cannot cope,
We would grab a healing balm, and cast away the dart.

If we could only see the misery and the heartache
Hidden deep within, so that they can never share;
We would quickly find an altar of repentance,
And with Spirit-born compassion, hold them up in prayer.

Bountifully Reaping


If you listen to His Spirit,
Do the things He bids you do,
You will start to love your neighbor,
The way the Father’s loving you.

If you choose to love your neighbor,
Always gentle, loving, kind;
You’ll awake refreshed each morning,
With a delightful peace of mind.


I am awake, and I am weeping
For the multitudes that’s sleeping.
Blow the trumpet long and loud,
Until it wakes the sleeping crowd.

Reveal the message that all may hear,
Anoint your words and make them clear.
Sound the trumpet loud, like thunder,
Awake the sleeping from their slumber.

Mildred Eslick Garner
July 23, 1993

All Men Should Know





All men should strive with all their might
To know themselves before they die.
They all should know without a doubt
The things they fear, and then know why.

And single out from cumbered thoughts
The things that are of high esteem;
The things that make them what they are,
The substance that fulfills their dream.

All men should know themselves firsthand,
And squarely face reality
To meet the burly beast up front,
And know their true identity.

Mildred Eslick Garner
April 1, 1996


Lord, strengthen the best in me, and help
me to rise above the worst


The path of the righteous is well lighted,
the wicked stumbles in the darkness of his own soul.

All in Vain

He labored hard, it was in vain;
He did it all for earthly gain.
He gained much wealth with cunning skill,
And worked so hard that he fell ill.

His crave was never satisfied,
He lost his wealth before he died.
He never took the time to pray,
Yet life was just one prayer a way.

A Hidden Talent

There isn’t a thing that I can do,
A Christian was heard to confess.
I have no talent to sing nor to play,
And I can’t preach and pray like the rest.

I go to church and do nothing,
But listen and get in the way.
But I get so lonesome when I don’t go,
I just can’t stay away.

You’re wrong, came the voice of Satan,
You’re doing quite well here for me.
I’ve noticed how well you’re progressing,
I’m really as pleased as can be.

I don’t work for you, the Christian denied.
You’re cruel, vicious and mean.
I know you’re out to make trouble,
You’ll not use me in your scheme.

I’ve used you to spread great confusion,
Said Satan, with a sly smirk.
Are you unaware of the power of the tongue?
You are well qualified for my work.

The people blamed me for splitting the church,
But let’s give each devil his due.
It was you, not I, that did the work,
And the credit should all go to you.

Remember the rumor you spread last month?
And the fantastic results it had?
Some members immediately quit the church.
And the whole congregation feels bad.

A word is a thought put in action,
The power that gives birth to thought.
This agent can become a destructive power,
That causes great wars to be fought.

Christ was Yah’s thought put into action,
The true word of life manifest.
Activated by Yah’s love and compassion,
His universe to bless.