Unseen Messengers of Love

I believe in holy angels,
That they appear on earth today;
When we earthlings get in trouble,
They are just a prayer away.

If you are an unbeliever,
You just might be surprised,
If you will ask the Lord in earnest,
For a pair of spiritual eyes.

There’s an unseen realm of splendor,
Filled with spirits that are pure;
I can’t see your spirit either,
But you have one, I am sure.

And the Bible speaks of angels,
An heavenly administration;
They go in and out among us,
Helping without observation.

Some people yet poke fun and laugh
At the things that we believe;
They think we’re surely foolish,
Or we’re trying to deceive.

I am thankful for the insight,
The heavenly realm that I can see;
I can enjoy heavenly things,
Now and through eternity.

If the Lord gave you the vision,
To see the glory I can see,
What a wondrous thing we’re sharing;
It’s nothing less than Jubilee.

Mildred Eslick Garner
December 23, 1999

Truth Shall Prevail

Heaven’s scribe keeps a record
Of all our woes and strife.
Each day becomes another page
In the journal of our Life.

Our acts are recorded there,
Throughout the night and day,
Every single deed and thought,
And every idle word we say.

There’s people who’s judgmental,
And sometimes judge us wrong,
But the truth will never fail us,
As we stand before the throne.

His laws are just and righteous;
We have no need to fear.
His records are filed in order;
The ink is bold and clear.

Mildred Eslick Garner
September 10, 1991

Trusting In His Promises

Yah blesses us so many ways;
Sometimes we’re unaware
Of the wondrous way he showers us,
With blessings everywhere.

All things must work together,
And turn to us for good,
Because we love his attributes,
And manifest his word.

We know this, if we trust him;
The natural eye sees no gain
In the trials and persecution,
In the heartache and the pain.

But His kids that really know him,
Trusts in his every act,
For they accept each promise,
As an undisputed fact.

Mildred Eslick Garner


Life is so wondrous and awesome,
Who can its fullness proclaim?
Life is a joy and wonder,
Mixed with transition and pain.

Each day I am a new person,
That dies at the end of the day;
Changing with each passing moment,
My old self is passing away.

We’re born as innocent babies,
But the infants never live long;
Snuggled to the breast, the moment
Youth comes, the infant is gone.

Youth blooms like a rose in the morning;
In the evening, it’s drooping its head.
Man enters the scene bold and imploring,
And grieves when he finds the youth dead.

The mind is continually exploring,
Expanding and creating anew,
Changing from moment to moment,
Progressing our whole life through.

The person I am, I’ll not be tomorrow;
Yesterday is now lost in its time.
Thank God for the potential of changing,
And leaving the old self behind.

Mildred Eslick Garner
April 8th 1996

There Is No Other Way

A young and fearless prophet,
From the shores of Galilee,
Brought to earth a message,
Of immortality.

The words he spoke were powerful;
This can never be denied.
His life, a total sacrifice,
Until the day he died.

His message of faith and hope,
Is repeated down through time;
His Spirit was an attitude
Of charity so divine.

Multitudes rejected it,
But it’s just as true today
That it alone can save us,
There is no other way.

When we hear the message
That’s veiled by carnal mind,
And by the false religions,
We bow to Love sublime.

Mildred Eslick Garner,

The Wayward Sheep

The beauty of the word lifts my soul in rapture,
A melody that fills my soul with praise.
I marvel at the grace that saved this sinner,
So precious is our God in all His ways.

As wayward sheep we strayed from the sheepfold;
Sin blinded, we turned and went astray.
The King stepped down to bear our sin and sorrow,
And clothed us in heaven’s royal array.

Joint heirs, because we are truly born of Spirit,
He lifts our soul up to a higher realm;
I bow my knee before Him to pay homage,
And rise to serve my God with added vim.

Mildred Eslick Garner

An undisciplined child is like a seed sown in the wind
to bring forth its fruit among thorns and thistles.
The precepts of the Almighty are engraved in the mind,
they can be ignored, but not erased.

The Sounding of the Trumpet

Praise God, the day is dawning,
And our hearts with rapture sing;
For at last we’ll share the glory,
And dominion of our King.

In death the world is groaning,
And the night has been so long;
Waiting for the sons appearing,
And their glory to be shown.

Even those that’s born of Spirit,
Share the pressure and the pain;
Waiting for the final harvest,
And the reaping of the grain.

We can hear the trumpet sounding,
And it’s time for that great feast;
When the souls that died in Adam,
Will be given their release.

In the word it’s clearly written,
Waiting there for all to see;
The promise of our full redemption,
At the coming Jubilee.

Mildred Eslick Garner

The Riven Vail

Deep within the inner mind;
A voice cries to find release,
To be united with the Christ,
To feel and know an inward peace.

The carnal mind, that man of sin,
Rebellious, crude, and spirit blind,
Stood as a veil twixt Yah and me;
That veil the Savior split in twine.

The inner mind held captive there,
By the power of death through sin,
Christ entered death and took the key,
And came inside to dwell within.

Christ within, the resurrection,
Giving light, expanding scope,
Will banish every breath of sin,
This then, fulfills our blessed hope.

Mildred Eslick Garner
December 11, 1999

The Rare and the Precious

The man that said, “There’s nothing free,”
Is just as blind as he can be.
Who do we pay for cooling rain,
That splatters on our window pane?

Or the beauty of the stars on high,
And soft white clouds in bright blue sky?
These yield to us an awesome gift,
That gives the weary soul a lift.

Each sunbeam traveling down to earth,
Causing sleeping seeds to burst;
With appetizing energy,
All these gifts to us are free.

The rippling stream that’s rushing on;
The painted sky when day is gone.
The breeze that cools our burning cheeks,
And paths that leads to mountain peaks.

Spring flowers yielding beauty rare;
Wild flowers scattered everywhere.
The colorful display of autumn leaves,
Who pays for seeing all of these?

Who pays the songbird in the tree?
Sometimes I think the best is free.
We do not buy the strangers smile,
Or the laughter of a little child.

Do we merit ears to hear,
The voices that we love so dear?
Our eyes and all our body parts,
And memories stored within our hearts?

Yah formed the roaring waterfall,
And peaks of mountains straight and tall?
Yah spoke a word, said let them be,
All these precious things are free.

Mildred Eslick Garner

The Prince and the Waif

I know not why my Master sought
A lowly lost lamb that had strayed;
Why in my disregard for Him,
His mighty hand on me was laid.

I know not why He touched my heart,
And shared with me life’s zest and vim,
Or heard this waif’s cry in the night,
And drew an inapt stray to Him.

I know not why I tread this path,
Or have the trials that I must face.
I only know His hand’s on me,
And that I’ll triumph by His grace.

Mildred Eslick Garner