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Today’s actions are tomorrow’s memories.

We are General Assembly of the Firstborn, located in Siloam Springs, Arkansas 3/4 mile south on State Line Road. It is in the northeast corner of Oklahoma on the Arkansas Oklahoma state line. We are a ministry that encourages and seeks to promote truth and righteousness. We are a body of believers striving to glorify our Creator by our life styles and by the Word we share.

We are delighted you have visited our site, thank you. We invite you to visit our About Us page and letting us share with you who we are as a Church family.  You will also find the Messages by Brenda Mitchell and Messages by Mildred Garner pages, filled with their anointed messages of life and restoration.  We have a Poems page filled with hundreds of inspirational poems.   Be sure and check out our Children’s Page, filled with interactive Bible Stories.  We have the first nineteen chapters of the book of Revelation compiled and written by Beverley Holzkamper that we know will intrigue and challenge you to look at it in a whole different way. Our dear sister Beverley passed away before she was able to complete the rest of the study and unfortunately no more will be added to it.

You may share our messages and testimonies freely, but we reserve the rights to our children stories and poems, but they may be shared on limited bases. All the poems and stories are copyrighted.

If you have a word of encouragement or wish to communicate with us, you may call us at 479-228-4647 central standard time between 7 a.m. – 9 p.m.   Feel free t contact Brenda Mitchell at any time.

Be sure and check out our new postings.  The new postings for the day is,

“Those Hidden Symbols” — By Ronnie Garner

“Wrath of God and Wrath of Man” — By Brenda Mitchell