Love and Happiness

If you’re seeking love, and to be happy too,
See if there’s something for others you can do.

You must give love away, don’t heap it on yourself;
Love cannot be kept in a bottle on a shelf.

When love is concealed it will not multiply,
And when it is held too tightly, it is sure to die,

But if you’ll give love to some lonely soul each day,
You will never miss the love you gave away.

Combine it with a smile, and spread it all about,
For when it’s done this way, love never will run out.

Life’s Magic Secret

If we take some time for sharing,
With some person that’s in need;
We will find life’s magic secret,
When we do a golden deed.

If we bear another’s burden,
Go an extra mile or two;
We will find in blessing others,
We will get a blessing too.

Less Heartache

If we could only feel the heartache
That a thoughtless word can bring;
If we alone felt the sharpness,
And no one else could feel the sting.

If we could never hurt another
By the thoughtless things we say;
For our every thought and action,
We alone would have to pay.

I am sure we’d be more careful
Of our words and deeds each day,
And there would be less heartache
From the things we do and say.

Lambs of the Dawning


Dear Little Lambs of the dawning,
More precious to me than gold;
You must suffer persecution,
As the truth and light you behold.

You will go through tribulation,
But soon this trouble will pass,
When the day for which you’ve waited,
Will have dawned for you at last.

And then the books will be opened,
When the light of life shall shine.
The word shall be exalted,
And the truth is revealed to mankind.

The purpose for all the ages,
Will reach its consummation;
The trumpet sound of Jubilee
Will release the whole creation

Mildred Eslick Garner
September 1990



Oh what horrid clouds of darkness
I see gathering here and there,
And the charges of electricity
Seems to fill the sky and air.

The storms of conflict rumbling;
It’s an avalanche of sin.
Oh I know it’s time for judgment,
And in His house it must begin.

And I want His law to try me;
Yet I tremble, quake and fear,
As I stand and wait his judgment,
For the sentence is so clear.

You must crucify old Adam,
And cast him from the throne.
He that reigned through sin and sorrow,
This kingdom, once my own.

Oh how I long for full redemption
And the trumpet’s sound of peace.
When this spiritual war is over,
And my soul has found release.

It’s How the Victory is Won


All these trials and tribulations
Are the lot of common life.
The whole world is full of trouble,
Ravaged by conflict and strife.

For the Christian and the sinner,
Those evil’s times are sure to come.
It’s not how hard the battle,
But it is how the victory’s won.

If we don’t secure our armor,
We’ll lose the battle every time.
The armor is our protection,
From the lies that plague our mind.

I Have a Charge to Keep

If I’m to serve Him at my best,
And do my Master’s will,
I have a charge that I must keep,
A duty to fulfill.

I must present myself to him,
To heed his beck and call;
Resisting sin with all my might,
Till He becomes my all.

House on the Sand

It looks as if our great country
Is about to sink in dark despair.
But some people feel the democrats
Will bring the answers to our prayer.

Some complain the law’s too forceful;
Police brutality is what they blame.
But others say the law’s too lenient;
The lack of enforcement is a shame.

Some dare say, we’re too religious;
Our lust and passion too restrained,
And others hate the vile corruption,
And want our moral laws retained.

But all agree we have a problem;
Crime and violence sweeps our land.
Governments and kingdoms falling,
As did the house built on the sand.

Could our philosophy be our trouble?
Have misplaced values brought us shame?
So maybe we should try the principles
Taught by Yahsha when He came.



Come you herons of the faith,
There’s a battle to be won.
Take up the banner quickly,
The war has now begun.

Our ammunition is not of this world,
Nor the workmanship of man.
By controlling the mind of our children,
They mean to take command.

Walk softly across the battle field,
Where angels dare not tread.
The enemy is taking truth away,
And teach humanism instead.